The story unfolds.

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Do you copy?

Monuverse, Episode II: The Professor.

“It’s the Professor speaking.

After reviewing the material, I am happy to confirm the Arch of Peace experiment was successful.

Please, follow protocol and make your way back to the Academy as soon as possible. The machine is ready, and we are all waiting for you to celebrate”.

…. …. ….

“Explorers, do you copy?”

… …. ….

“Do you copy?!”

… … …

Last Call

The Professor

“Explorers, this is your last call.

I can’t allow this level of risk.
If they find this place, it’s game over.

Please get in touch, or you will leave me with no choice but to close the gate forever.

Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck”.

Missing in Action

The 4 Explorers

“Good morning,

It’s with great sadness that I share with you the following news:

After the accomplishment of their first missiont, our four brave Explorers have not made their return to the Academy.

Cause — or motive — is unknown at this time.

Please, pray for their safety.

Time can be a difficult beast to tame”

  • The Professor


The Professor is looking for closure.

“Damn, where did I mess up? What the heck could have gone sideways? All the settings looked good, no voltage drop or anything. The gate was wide open, so what’s the de--

Oh, you’re here Q. Come in and close the door, we’re in for a rough night.

I want us to go over every detail of our first mission at the Arch of Peace — we are not leaving this room until we figure out what kept our Explorers from coming back.

I’m damn serious.”

Episode I: Q’s Recap

Q — The Head of the Science Department

“Sure thing, Professor. Here’s a detailed recap of our first mission:

After years of experimenting, we were finally ready: everything was carefully planned… or so we thought. Given the dark times we are living in, we all agreed the most important thing was sending a strong & powerful message. So we start looking for the one. And we found it.

The Arch of Peace: a symbol of love & reconciliation built for a higher purpose, a literal door to a new era… It was perfect, we were sure — so we made it official and started testing the machine. Then, we developed & implemented a detailed protocol to follow at all costs.

Next stop: wearables. With the help of our Science Department, I was able to create high-tech gear built with AI integrations and temporal protection systems. And of course, I added my personal touch! Fashion is important, you know how I feel about it. Anyway…

Everything looked good. The Explorers were ready. You wished them good luck, and personally sealed the door to the chamber. I set up the machine while you triple-checked our calculations. The coordinates were correct: Milan, Italy — 1838 45°28′32.51″N 9°10′20.67″E”

The Explorers arrived at their destination. They followed protocol, and started studying, producing, creating, and finally uploading material to the blockchain — just as planned. It took them months to finish, but here’s the result:

We were in constant communication, until we just… lost contact. It was the same day they were to supposed to come back. We haven’t heard from them since.

Their last words:
— No issue at all, see you later. Over.

And that’s really all we know, Professor. They are gone, but they accomplished their mission: 1,111 NFTs were successfully minted during this time. Thanks to their sacrifice, the Arch of Peace will never be forgotten. Now, it’s time to move on.”

Recruitment Starts Now

“Thanks, Q.

Now, I suggest you get ready to restructure the entire Science Department. I have a plan, but I need to know I can count on you.

We must develop an advanced arsenal for our next mission as soon as possible. This time, make sure to significantly increase production.

Recruitment for Episode II starts soon.”

– The Professor

The Story Unfolds…

“It’s been a decade.

Ten long years have gone by since the Invasion.

It happened one fine morning, when kids were biking to school & the sun was shining on their faces.

Suddenly, a bang. And another.
Then a thousand more.

A few days later, Earth was lost.

“During all this time, the Invaders used every possible means to subjugate humanity to their will.

And they completely succeeded.

Everything now is just so… rigidly grey.

“Initially, uprisings were spreading all over the globe — and even though they all failed — the Invaders put in place the toughest security measures we had ever seen.

People were ruthlessly stripped of their freedom & identity, forever.

“Complete enslavement wasn’t enough, apparently — so they took it a step further.

To prevent future revolutions & stop any technological advancement, all art, history, and culture were cancelled or destroyed.

Creativity became forbidden.
Silence was strictly enforced.

“I protested, but it didn’t work.
So I started running, but that wasn’t enough.

A plan formed in my mind…

And after a long time & an incredible effort, I finally made it.

I came into possession of one of the most powerful tool ever made:
a Time Machine.

“I could finally try to change things, you’d say.

But that’s not how time works.

So I escaped instead: jumping from era to era made me feel invisible.
When I felt safe enough, an idea popped in my mind.

“I suddenly started traveling with a clear purpose.

I was committed to study & learn from every culture that ever existed.

It took forever, but I loved every second of it.
I’m still a Professor, after all.

“Then it hit me.
Across history, cultural revolutions are the only ones that always resulted in a swift change of status quo.

That’s how powerful creativity is.

After all these years, I was inspired to come back.
This time I had a clear vision. I wanted to make a difference.

“With the help of four like-minded individuals & my dear Q, we scouted the Earth for a safe place.

We needed a lot of space & resources to achieve our goals.
When we found the one, we started building.
And just like that, the Academy was born.

We Want You!

We want you!

“Recruitment for Episode II has officially started.
Will you apply? Q — please explain how it works”.

“Sure thing, Professor.

Our second mission starts with a FREE AIRDROP for all holders of Episode I: Arch of Peace.

One important thing to know: 1 NFT = 1 PFP
Keep that in mind.

Do you already own one? You’re all set — unless you’d like to go to the next level… But if your bag is empty, act now before it’s too late!

Here’s the link you’re looking for:

Or… you can enter our free raffle! If you make the cut, you’ll receive the airdrop regardless of your Episode I status.

Follow the instructions & good luck:

Save the Date

Snapshot Time!

“The news has spread like wildfire. Many are stepping forward, but only a few will make it. You should get ready for the snapshot, Recruits. Once that’s done, we’ll finally start Episode II together”.

“A recap for everyone, Professor. — 1 NFT = 1 PFP Airdrop — Snapshot: April 18th, 2023 — Free Airdrop Raffle & Ep. I Giveaway are available, check pinned tweet. The world needs you. See you at The Academy!”


The Academy

“Welcome to the Academy, I’m happy to see so many of you joining from all over the world. We’ll be closing our doors soon. But first things first, let me introduce you to our top secret project, the real reason why we are all here. This is Monuverse.

Your goal is to awaken humanity from the forced slumber it’s been in, using art and culture. You will travel through time and space to bring our heritage back to life, rewriting our future. Remember: culture shapes our identity, art drives us forward and shapes our present.

“The destination of our next mission will be revealed to you as soon as you complete your training. Focus. Learn. Create. Shine bright, Recruits: we need heroes, not witnesses. You’re here to make a difference. Humanity counts on you”.

Next Destination: Revealed

Monuverse — Episode II: Ancient Egypt

“Brace yourselves: your next destination will be far away both in space and in time. Recruits, get ready for Ancient Egypt.

The Mole

Looks like we have a mole..

“I finally discovered their next destination, Master. It’s Ancient Egypt — 2,500 BC. What are your orders? What should I do now? I’m at your service”.

The Overlord

“You’ve been good to me. Be extra careful now, take action only when I tell you to. Radio silence until further notice. Over”.

Sneak Peak

“Good evening, Recruits.
The ones of you who join our cause before the snapshot will officially become Travelers.

Hope you’re ready: the path ahead is rewarding but full of perils.

Travelers, before your departure you’ll receive a special gear powered by AI which analyzes Ancient Egypt’s culture & gives it the cool contemporary twist that I love! … and it will provide you with immense power, of course”.

The Teams

“Travelers, you’ll be divided into teams. It’s crucial that you stick to the role you’ve been assigned, as we need your specific talent & expertise to succeed. Here’s what you need to know:



“It’s up to you to re-interpret the world’s artistic and cultural heritage with your creativity and flair, and to envision a new renaissance for us all.



“Your skills will guide the rest of the Travelers to a distant era, where the world was vastly different from the one we know today.



“You have to make sure your colleague’s work is properly recorded & saved on the blockchain: it’s the only way to prevent our heritage from being forgotten, you know that.



“Protect yourselves, our work, and the rest of the Travelers at all costs.


“Four of you will be selected to guide the rest of the group in every step of the way. You will report directly to the Professor & me. No exceptions.

“It’s almost time to leave, Travelers. Say your prayers, gear up, and get ready: the world’s on your shoulders”.


Say cheese!

Snapshot taken. Welcome to the beginning of a new world, Travelers.