Monuverse: the Roadmap

4 min readSep 27, 2022


Monuverse NFT Collection

Welcome to Monuverse, a Crypto Art project pushing our cultural heritage to the next level.

Join us in our mission to enhance the our beloved monuments with the aid of art & technology, connecting communities to local institutions around the globe to create a new way to experience & support artistic legacy.

Monuverse 🏛 is the virtual home of the world’s most iconic monuments, a groundbreaking Web3 experience that enhances & preserves our cultural heritage making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In the upcoming months, Monuverse will become a fully shared environment where people can impersonate their historic 3D avatars (free for holders), share their passions, attend virtual events, art exhibitions, parties, branded experiences, music festivals, and much more.

And it all starts here…

🏛 EPISODE I: Arch of Peace

A 1111 generative art series by AI Masters Ouchhh studio.

1. Live event:

Milan, December 31st 2021 — The majestic Arch of Peace, symbol of the northern Italian city, got dressed with a ground-breaking digital artwork, a 360° data sculpture designed by creative coders & AI masters Ouchhh studio . The result was a mind-blowing immersive experience that merged physical and virtual realities, while giving the Arch of Peace a complete new life. Thanks to the coverage by international press and multiple live streams, the event reached more than 5M people worldwide.

2. Immersive VR experience:

The alpha version is launching soon and will be available on mobile, desktop, and all VR devices.

Inside this experience, you will be able to virtually relive the amazing exhibition created by Ouchhh on December 31st in Milan.

This is the first step towards a fully shared environment — the metaverse experience we’re building which will be completed & optimized in the following years, as one of our main goals.

The alpha version is an MVP –or Minimum Viable Product — a first visual representation of what we’re planning to build: a groundbreaking Web3 experience for everyone.

Monuverse Episode I Arch of Peace NFT Collection by Ouchhh

3. A generative NFT drop

Supply: 1111
Rarity levels: 9
Format: mp4
Mint date: Nov. 11th 2022
Mint price: 0.07 (WL) / 0.09 (Public)
Artist: Ouchhh


- Free PFPs to holders

- WL/Free mint for next episodes

- Access to token-gated experiences

- Voting rights

- Extra utilities based on storytelling

Monuverse Episode I Arch of Peace — Upcoming NFT Drop

7. Truly Random & Decentralized Reveal. On Chain.

On reveal day, the entire collection will be revealed in a truly decentralized and unpredictable manner. The process can’t get any more transparent, as you will be able to trustlessly verify the rarity of your tokens on the blockchain.

8. Free PFPs for holders

Once Episode I: Arch of Peace collection is fully revealed, we plan on rewarding our holders with free non-fungible PFPs designed by incredible 3D artists. Discover more on Discord.

And that was all for Episode I!
Below you can find the next steps we intend to take to make Monuverse the most suggestive venue in the metaverse:

Thanks for reading!
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All the best,
- Andrea Salomone, Cuentos

Monuverse is a Reasoned Art production — All rights reserved.